Frequently Asked Questions

What is PokerStars Live? When and where are PokerStars Live events taking place? What is the structure for PokerStars Live poker events? What is the buy-in for PokerStars Live Main Events? Is there an agreement I need to sign to play at PokerStars Live event? Can I play even if I don't sign the agreement? How old do I have to be to participate? How can I play? Do I need a passport to attend a PokerStars Live event? Do I need a Visa to attend a PokerStars Live event? How will I be paid if I win the tournament? I have won a PokerStars prize package (including seat, hotel and spending money) - can I bring a guest? What clothes should I bring? What payment methods can I use for buy-ins? Will I need special identification to enter casinos in Europe? What logos am I allowed to wear? Will I appear on television? If the event is being televised, when can I see it on TV?

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PokerStars Live FAQs


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