About the PokerStars Championship

PokerStars Championship brings unforgettable live poker experiences to all corners of the planet. Each event is a celebration of poker, and takes in some of the top casino, cities and destinations in the world, including The Bahamas. And with tournaments for all bankrolls, the PokerStars Championship is open to all-comers.

Since the European Poker Tour (EPT) was launched in 2004, it helped build a thriving live poker community. As its successor, the PokerStars Championship will push the boundaries of what live poker can achieve.

Want to join the action? Head to our Qualify page to take part, or read on for more on what makes the PokerStars Championship so special.

The PokerStars Championship Key Features

Here’s a look at what you can expect at PokerStars Championship events.

Poker Evolution

The PokerStars Championship is an evolution of the European Poker Tour (EPT), and will bring you bigger, better, richer and even more exciting poker events.

Poker on a Global Scale

With more stops to be announced at exciting worldwide locations, alongside events in Europe and The Bahamas, PokerStars Championship events will take you to the world’s most prestigious locations.

Poker at its Best

Alongside the usual innovation and expertise you expect from our sponsors PokerStars, enjoy new formats, packed schedules, high-quality staff and a variety of ways to qualify.

Watch all the Action

Enjoy live streaming from major PokerStars Championship events with webcasts and highlight shows from PokerStars.tv.

The Ultimate Experience

Bring your PokerStars Championship experience to life with #StarsFun - off-the-felt activities that take in local attractions, and offer you a chance to let loose - all for no extra cost.

A New Digital Era

With a new-look website, mobile apps, enhanced social media, improved registration and much more, the PokerStars Championship is live poker designed and streamlined for the 21st century.