PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®

Event Buy-in Information

Registration Opening Hours

Onsite registration will follow the opening and closing hours below:


Opening time

Closing time

April 25



April 26



April 27



April 28



April 29



April 30



May 1



May 2



May 3



May 4



May 5



Ticket collection for preregistered players, PSLive accounts and cash will be available onsite from 17:00 the day before the tournament starts.

Ticket collection for tournaments starting on April 25/26 will be available from 15:00 on April 25.

Ticket collection and registration for the Main Event and all tournaments with buy-ins of €10K and over will be available from 9:00 on April 26.


All players must have a PSLive Account to participate in any tournament.  If you don’t already have an account, go to the PSLive Portal to sign up in advance. 

Any questions?  See the PSLive Portal FAQ, or contact

Reserve Your Seat In Advance

If you reserve a seat in advance, you can collect your ticket from a PSLive Ticket Collection station at the event from 17:00 local time the day before a tournament starts, until the end of the late registration period. 

Main Event ticket collection is available from April 26, National Championship ticket collection is available from April 25.

Please Note: if you do not arrive to collect your ticket and have not informed us of your un-registration BEFORE the start of the tournament, your funds will be added to the prize pool and you will not be entitled to a refund.

PSLive Wallet

All PSLive account holders have the option to setup a PSLive Wallet which is a real money account associated to your PSLive Account.  You can fund your PSLive Account by sending a bank wire.

Once you have funds available on your PSLive Account you can reserve your tournament ticket in advance by visiting the PSLive Portal ‘Reserve a Ticket’ section of your account. Ticket reservations via the Portal are available now.

Please contact our PSLive team for full wire instructions at least two weeks before the event, or login to the PSLive portal to register yourself using funds from your PSLive Wallet.

Buy-in Onsite At The Event

Onsite registration for Main Event will be open from 09:00 local time on April 26 until the end of the late registration period, onsite registration for National Championship will be open from 15:00 on April 25. For Side Events, registration will be open at 17:00 the day before the tournament, until the end of the late registration period for each tournament. 

Please Note: you are unable to un-register and receive a refund after the tournament start time.

You can buy in onsite using any of the following options by visiting the registrations desk, please note that we cannot accept part payment of one payment type with another.


Simply visit the registrations team with your PSLive Card to register. Any questions? Email the registrations team for help with tournament entry options.

Currency Exchange

The Casino will exchange PokerStars cash games chips against the following currencies: GBP, USD, CHF, CAD, DKK, NOK, SEK, JPY and AUD.

Players who exchanged currencies with the Casino can exchange back at the same rate during the whole event, as long as the full amount of the initial deposit is paid.

Currencies can be exchanged from the Casino cashier in the Salle des Palmiers.

The Casino Cashier will open every day from 12:00 until 06:00.

Credit/Debit Card

Player can register using credit/debit cards, the Casino will accept personal and nominative credit cards only; players will need to bring an ID (passport) to register.

The Casino will not accept business cards or company cards, anonymous pre-paid cards, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO, DINERS, J.C.B and C.U.P.

Payout Information

Players have a variety of payout options open to them including cash and PSLive account. There are restrictions that apply to certain payout options depending on the status of your account, and there are limits to the amount a player can receive in cash. 

You can choose to be credited your winnings by one payment method or by a combination of different payment methods.

  • CASH – Up to a maximum of €10K and the player has to show an ID (passport)
  • PSLIVE WALLET – Funds will be auto credited to your PSLive Wallet (if you do not have one setup you can request this at the PSLive payout desk) and you can then either use them for future tournament buy-ins for PokerStars Championship tournaments, or request the funds to be wired back to you.
  • Players can collect their CASH payouts from the Casino Desks inside the Registrations Room. It will open one hour before the first daily tournament and they will close at 03:00.

Cash Games

Cash games chips can only be exchanged against cash or withdrawn using credit/debit card from the gash games Desk in the Salle des Palmiers.

Players cannot register into cash games using PSLive Wallets. Players cannot withdraw cash games chips from their PSLive Wallets.

Players can send bank transfers to the Casino for cash games and withdraw cash games chips from the deposit desk located between the Salon Baccara and the Salle des Palmiers. To arrange a bank transfer players can email the Casino:

Players can only arrange a transfer to their bank accounts if they wired funds to the Casino and for an amount up to amount they sent to the Casino. Players will need to provide an official bank letterhead with his account details (IBAN, SWIFT or RIB)

The cash games Desk will open every day at 12:00 and close at 06:00 each day.

Customer Deposit Desk

The Casino will offer the option to deposit cash (Euro only) and cash games chips at the deposit desk located between the Salon Baccara and the Salle des Palmiers.

The Casino will not accept deposit using credit/debit cards nor through currency exchange.

To arrange a deposit the Casino will request Signature and ID (passport). 

The deposit Desk will open one hour before the first tournament of the day starts, and will close at 06:00.