PokerStars Championship Barcelona


Click here for details on how to qualify to this event via PokerStars.

Buy-in In Advance

After you buy-in in advance using one of the registration methods below, visit the Ticket Collection desks in the Sign-up area.

Please Note: 

  • You are unable to un-register and receive a refund after the tournament start time.
  • We cannot accept part payment of one payment type with another.

PSLive Wallet

All PSLive account holders have the option to setup a PSLive Wallet; a real money add-on connected to your PSLive Account. You can fund your PSLive Account by sending a bank wire.

Once funds are available in your PSLive Account, you can reserve your tournament ticket in advance by visiting the PSLive Portal ‘Reserve a Ticket’ section. Ticket reservations via the portal are available now.

Please contact our PSLive team for full wire instructions at least two weeks before the event, or login to the PSLive portal to register yourself using funds from your PSLive Wallet.

Credit Card

Buy-in in advance can be done by credit card through Casino Barcelona web page here.

Wires for cash games will be managed by Casino Barcelona. To arrange a wire transfer, please email A valid ID is required for all the transactions with Casino Barcelona.

Buy-in Onsite At The Event

You can buy-in onsite using any of the following options during opening hours.

  • Cash and Chips (euros only)*
  •  PSLive Wallet

The registration area will open daily one hour before the start time of the first tournament, with the exception of August 15, 17 and 18, when the area will open two hours before the first tournament of the day.

Side event registration and ticket collection will open at 14:00 the day before the tournament starts, with the exception of August 15 when we will only open for event #1 and #2.

Onsite registration and ticket collection for Main Event, National Championship and High Roller will be available from August 16 at 09:00.

*You can purchase chips with a credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard, Amex is not accepted) at the Casino Cage. Limits depend on the customer’s own card limits, and transactions are subject to a commission charge of 0.806%.  A valid passport is required.

Casino Barcelona offers a currency exchange service. The rate can vary daily according to the rates set by Caixa Bank - the commission rate is 1.5% and currency exchange is limited to €6,000 per person per day.   British Pounds, US, Canadian and Australian dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen and Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Crowns can be exchanged.

In addition, there are various ATMs are located around the casino.

Payout Information

Players can have winnings paid by Casino Barcelona, funds will be deposited with Casino Barcelona and players must visit the casino cashier to arrange for payment of funds (cash payment and/or wire transfer).